Skids réchauffeurs électriques ou à gaz Rhône-Alpes

TATEC SOLUTIONS specialises in the design and manufacture of industrial equipment.

Based in Isère (38), in the Rhône-Alpes region, our company, founded in 2016, serves the whole of France and Europe.

Solutions for heat exchange and energy transfer in industrial processes.

TATEC SOLUTIONS designs and manufactures industrial equipment

Backed by a professional team with over 20 years of experience in the industrial field, TATEC SOLUTIONS perfectly meets the requirements of manufacturers in France and Europe.


TATEC SOLUTIONS designs and calculates the sizing of heat exchangers and related equipment. We design custom hardware such as:

1. circulation heaters with liquid or gas, all energies
2. pumping stations
3. heat exchangers between heat transfer fluids
4. hydraulic skids
5. equipment for conduction heating of solids, convection, infrared radiation, or mixed.

TATEC SOLUTIONS is fully equipped to design your devices. We use the latest technology schemes such as CAD (AutoCAD, Solidworks), or electric means (such as CAD SEE Electrical). The diagrams of instrumentation and processes can be made according to the requisitions of our clients.

TATEC SOLUTIONS also manufactures equipment related to your hardware, such as:

  • piping
  • electrical exchangers
  • tubular exchangers
  • frames
  • tanks
  • vases
  • control cabinets and enclosures
Générateur de vapeur

Custom self-contained devices manufactured in Rhône-Alpes

TATEC SOLUTIONS works in accordance with set codes and standards, namely, CODAP, COVAP, CODETI, ASME, AD-M, EN 13445 and European Directives 97/23 / EC, 2014/68 / EC.

You can order cabinets for: control, dosage, power thyristors, or mix thyristor-contactors:

  • with or without PLCs or electronic controllers, mono or bi-loops,
  • with retransmission of state, defects, thermal curves through communication via RS port, Ethernet, Modbus RTU connections, Profibus DP, etc.
Centrales de chauffage et refroidissement à fluides auxiliaires

TATEC SOLUTIONS has all the required technologies for the management and decentralized control of processes and thermal profiles, and to establish remote diagnostics.

The sets TATEC SOLUTIONS delivers:

1. complete
2. pressure tested
3. regulation tested
4. equipped for good electrical holding (isolation, sections, protections)
5. wired
6. instrumented
7. insulated according to temperature level
8. with or without integrated drain tanks
9. equipped with expansion tanks
10. painted with epoxy powder baked in the oven, with unmatched resistance to external conditions.

Our products meet perfectly the requirements of our clients and comply with Directives 2006/42/CE, 2004/108/CE 2006/95/CE et ATEX 94/9/CE, 2014/34/CE.

The specialist of thermal equipment, custom made to suit your specifications

Customer benefits:

  • Experience
  • Design
  • Expertise
  • Knowledge
  • Bespoke installation
  • Specifications of manufacturers are respected