Electric or gas heaters skids

TATEC SOLUTIONS is a Rhône-Alpes company specialising in the design and fabrication of electric or gas heaters skids.

Like many industries in France and Europe, benefit from our expertise.

Custom design and installation for industries

Skids réchauffeurs électriques ou à gaz France

The peculiarities of TATEC SOLUTIONS Rhône-Alpes

Many industries in France and Europe trust TATEC SOLUTIONS for their thermal equipment. We offer quality and personalized services as we design and manufacture custom devices.

Nothing is left to chance, we take care of everything from A-Z. From chassis cabinets, control and command stations, through to related equipment like piping and tubular exchangers, TATEC SOLUTIONS misses nothing and thinks of everything.

We work efficiently in accordance with the specifications of each customer. TATEC SOLUTIONS, partner of manufacturers in France and Europe.

TATEC SOLUTIONS has the know-how, wide range of characteristics of liquid or gaseous fluids, the software, all enabling us to calculate the heat transfer by convection, force, natural, mixed, conduction, radiation, and to better optimize the exchange surface based on process data, the limits of temperatures bearable by fluids (max film temperature and hot wall), boiling point, fire point, auto-ignition, the constraints of losses, the ATEX installation zone, or not, up to 1000 °C for gases, and 300 bar for liquids.

TATEC SOLUTIONS offers the most appropriate heaters on chassis, complete with instrumentation (flow, pressure, temperature), control box, fully assembled, wired, insulated, ready for use. The sheet metal bodies are calculated and manufactured according to construction codes and the most adhered-to standards, CODAP, ASME, BS, AD-M, EN13445 and are approved based on the Directive 2014/68 / EU, for the EEC.

Clients’ specifications are respected

With TATEC SOLUTIONS, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Research, design and installation
  • Expertise and experience
  • Comprehensive and custom manufacturing
  • Specifications are respected

TATEC SOLUTIONS, partner of France and Europe manufacturers