Industrial furnaces and ovens

For the design and manufacture of industrial furnaces and ovens in France and Europe, call us at TATEC SOLUTIONS and benefit from quality and complete services.

Custom and complete industrial thermal equipment

Fours et étuves industriels France

Thermal solutions for industries in France

Dealing with TATEC SOLUTIONS means ensuring a quality service for the study, design, manufacture and installation of your industrial thermal equipment. Indeed, many industries benefit from the expertise, experience, advice and recommendations of our experts in the field.

You find with TATEC SOLUTIONS, the perfect solutions for the optimization of heat exchange and transfer of energy in industrial processes. Industries in France and Europe trust us for offering comprehensive and efficient thermal installations.

At customers’ requests, TATEC SOLUTIONS has studied and sized a range of hot air circulation oven, with single or double doors, on insulating joints, with or without loading carts, internal volume of 1m3 to 40m3 or more for processing metal parts, drying composites parts, baking paint, preheating barrels, extraction with solvents or hydrocarbons, in ATEX Zone, held with circulating fans from 250 ° C to 450 ° C, flow from 2000 to 100 000 m3 / h, centrifugal extractors, electrical resistors, or stainless steel tubes beams with synthetic oil or steam circulation. The air circulates from one side or both sides for improved homogeneity, vertical or horizontal.

The temperature control is assured by an electronic controller, mono or bi-loops, or API, and temperature and humidity sensors, adjustable louvres to vary the flow rates in different zones or even the air velocities at the height of the oven.

With the experience of its specialists in the field of computing and infrared radiation emitters, TATEC SOLUTIONS also offers short, medium or long wave infrared preheating furnaces, depending on the type of surface to be treated and the treatment time (drying, curing, firing, surface thermal treatment), 120 ° C to 900 ° C on the support.

TATEC SOLUTIONS additionally provides tunnel ovens with conveyor belts, or conveyors heated with hot air or mixed infrared preheating, polymerization with hot air, depending on the form of required parts and processing.

They are insulated according to the temperature level, instrumented and controlled by regulators, or PLC.

Les industriels de France et d'Europe font confiance à TATEC SOLUTIONS

Industrialists in France and Europe trust TATEC SOLUTIONS

  • For the expertise and experience
  • For compliance with industrial specifications
  • For professionalism
  • For custom-made quality equipment
  • For services in France and Europe
  • For efficiency and advice

Our solutions are beneficial at all levels