Specialists of heating plants and cooling with auxilary fluids in France

The specialist of heating plants and cooling with auxiliary fluids in France and Europe, it’s TATEC SOLUTIONS.

We put our expertise at the service of manufacturers

Générateur de vapeur France

Your engineering consultant in France

TATEC SOLUTIONS specialises in solutions for the optimization of heat exchange and transfer of energy in industrial processes. Our know-how and experience remain at your service.

You are a manufacturer and need a custom stand-alone device for your plant? TATEC SOLUTIONS completes your project in a timely manner whilst keeping in mind your requirements, expectations and specifications.

Whether you operate in the food, pharmaceuticals, metals and alloys, or fossil fuels such as oil or chemicals industry, TATEC SOLUTIONS remains at your disposal to design and manufacture your custom industrial equipment.

With the extensive experience of its crew, TATEC SOLUTIONS is able to study, calculate, design, assemble and wire complete sets of heaters and coolers for various heat transfer fluids (water, glycol, synthetic oils up to 400 ° C) with circulation pumps having single mechanical seals, doubles, used combination, with quench, API 610, canned motor, magnetic drive, self priming, etc. We also provide electric heaters, or boilers with gas or oil burners, or exchangers fed by the steam or oil network on site, three-way valves for efficient switching of the hot circuit toward the cooler, with exchangers made from stainless steel plate, brazed, welded, tubular, etc. The set is mounted on a parallelepiped frame, making for easy handling, and installation with expansion tank, drain tank, valves, condensate pump, control and safety cabinet, with retransmission through RS 485, or Ethernet network, Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, etc.

TATEC SOLUTIONS: custom industrial thermal equipment

Our strengths, your benefits:

  • Experience and expertise
  • Comprehensive and quality service
  • Engineering consultant
  • Custom design, manufacturing and installation
  • Specifications are respected
  • Target areas: all of France and Europe

TATEC SOLUTIONS specialises in custom stand-alone devices