Steam generators

The custom steam generator you need, you'll find it with TATEC SOLUTIONS.

This Rhône-Alpes company offers comprehensive services to industries in France and Europe.

We master all the technology needed for a decentralised management and control of all thermal profiles

Générateur de vapeur France

Solutions for your steam generator in Rhône-Alpes

TATEC SOLUTIONS offers quality equipment to manufacturers in France and Europe. Our specialists put their unmatched expertise and vast experience at the service of industry professionals.

All devices produced by TATEC SOLUTIONS are custom-made. We offer solutions for the optimization of heat exchange and transfer of energy in industrial processes. We are fully equipped to meet all your needs and expectations. Benefit from our service to improve your production unit.

With long-term experience in the calculation of thermal and thermodynamic exchange (enthalpy, entropy), boiling in fine bubbles or nucleate, drying walls, on submerged cylinders, TATEC has designed a range of treated water steam generators (softened, reverse osmosis, or deionized), 3 kg / hour to 2000 kg / hour, working pressure of 0.15 Bar g to 220 Bar g, stand-alone on chassis, instrumentation with levels (low, very low, high, very high), pressure sensors, high pressure security, spring loaded safety valve and lever booster pump or valve, blowdown valve, sludge flush, air pot, degassing and feeding vessel, etc. The set pressure is regulated by a regulator or PLC, which also manages security and testing required by the operating modes (continuous presence, intermittent, remote, etc.) according to Standards NF EN 32-020, Directive 2014/68 / EU, Order March 15, 2000, AQUAP2007 / 01 Codap R3, etc. Water heating can be done by electric immersion heaters with pins made from stainless steel 321, 361Ti, or Alloy 800/825, immersed tube bundles, supplied with auxiliary fluids such as HP steam, synthetic oil, etc. The generators can be equipped with superheaters with saturated steam output, at constant pressure, for dry steam temperatures up to 800 ° C.

TATEC SOLUTIONS: equipped to meet all requirements and expectations

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TATEC SOLUTIONS at the service of industrialists in France and Europe